thanks all members by calling their full names.


Even though not a single member of SS501 were performing at this year’s Dream Concert, Triple S still came together to show their support and to let everyone know they were still a strong fandom.




People who claim that hara has no talent and that she’s just famous because she got plastic surgery are just stupid. Yes, she did get surgery but tbh i don’t know what’s wrong with this. Pretty much everyone in kpop industry did get surgery anyways, so why do people blame her for doing it that much ? If she feels good about it, it’s completely alright. I don’t even know what is wrong about plastic surgery, anyways. And i would tell you that she only fixed her eyes a bit, adjusted her teeth (but that’s not surgery, jeez) and that the only thing that she did really re-do was her nose, but you’ll say that i’m just a blinded delusional and stupid fan. 

Oh, and you say she isn’t talented ? I am sorry but she has improved a LOT since she has debuted and in the beginning she didn’t even have any lines in songs. Maybe 3 lines per song ? But imo she’s always had a nice voice but they didn’t give her the chance to show it. And still, listen to Ima Okuritai ArigatoI’ll Write You a LetterBaby I Need youSecretly SecretlyRoadLonely, and even in Go Go Summer, and in other songs, her voice is very, very pretty. But no. It’s not like, very strong like some other singers like taeyeon and such, but it is very nice and pretty. And if she did get more singing lessons her voice would be amazing. really. 

Also, her dancing is amazing. She used to take many dance lessons and acting lessons as a teenager and she went to them every fucking day, she spent her whole time doing it. And she even said that she didn’t care if she didn’t get famous one day, only dreaming about it made her feel happy and better. What i like so much about this girl is her determination. She never gave up. She went to many auditions, she didnt always succeed, but she did never give up. Same goes for KARA. She has the nicest personnality, she’s friendly, sensitive, cute, bright, cheerful, and she’s always there to help. 

So i am so fucking sick of hearing people say that she’s nothing more than a pretty plastic face. Because she is so, so, so much more than this.