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 ”I got ear piercings to relieve stress, but I took it all out. I used to have 6 on both ears.” - Taeyeon

That tiny mole on her tummy that most of us have not even discovered yet :x

Let’s talk about those beautiful and tender hands

The colored tips ♥

Happy Birthday, Kim Taeyeon.2/♡

Let’s talk about your physical features. You hair fits perfectly with your face no matter which way it’s styled. Your eyes which I love to look at when you are thinking and they look so curious or when you are excited and they sparkle like stars. Your little nose, those tiny ears and those lips that seem to be very kissable. That very tiny and very precious tongue and when you smile your eyes disappear and your dimple shows. Your Neck with that milkywhite skin of yours and I have to say i really really like your collarbone. Those sometimes big and sometimes not so big boobs that make your body look very curvy combined with that perfect tummy and your slender but rather short legs. That fabulous butt and glorious back. And ofcourse your precious hands. Oh,so, glorious and beautiful Taeyeon 

tae rockin the airport with her sunglasses

Do you know what effects you have on me when you bite your lips like that?