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pls don’t laugh at drunk!hyo she’s trying her best

"If I’m going through a hard time, Tiffany unnie listens to me, gives me advice, and prays for me. And whenever I hear her stories, I’m in a better mood and I feel much happier~"

"When I had an eye contact with her randomly, she shows that sweet eye smile. Every time I see that smile, I feel happier. It makes me to smile along side her so hard that my cheekbone starts to hurt" -Inkigayo scriptwriter.

Tiffany: I know that when Krystal eats with us, she won’t have any opportunities to pick what food she gets to eat (cos she’s the youngest). I know that she loves bread so I went to buy chocolate bread for her. But it would still be taken away from her in the end. 

2/? of shit Tiffany says.